Finger painting

Some young helpers at a volunteer day


2015 – 15 Days of Gratitude


PBJ Connections is deeply committed to our mission to provide mental health and behavioral health therapy for children and families using horses.  Through 2014, we have been able to do great things for a great number of Central Ohio kids and their families through our services, even when the families were unable to pay part or all of the session fees.   We are well aware that our small staff does not provide therapy to kids without the help of a multitude of generous donors and volunteers who have given selflessly throughout the year.



We are starting 2015 by recognizing the people who helped us help kids and families in 2014.  For the next 15 days, we will reflect on those who fuel PBJ Connections with their time and talent.   Thank you all for all you that you do.


Day One - We thank the sponsors of our October 2014 "Helping Horses Help Kids" Fundraising Gala

Day Two - Rocky's Fan Club helps Rocky the Therapy Horse help area youth and families.  Rocky still needs 2015 sponsors.  Please call us at 740-924-7543 or email if you are interested.

Day Three - A special thanks to our Board of Directors

Day Four - Thanks to the companies who share a portion of purchases with us, and to those of you who shop there

Day Five - We express our gratefulness for those who shared their blessings with us on 2014's Day of Giving

Day Six - Our volunteers make it work

Day Seven - Eddie the Therapy Donkey adds his thanks

Day Eight - We are happy to recognize and repeat our gratitude for those who donated items for the auctions at our annual fundraising gala

Day Nine - Sometimes donations come in the form of goods and services

Day Ten - Thanks to the companies and foundations who keep us going

"I am happy to support such a great program. Keep up the great work and thank-you." - Barbara Soukup - Bar S Ranch